Ryan Figuera

ryan figuera

Trinidad & Tobago
Ink & Mirrors



RYAN FIGUERA is a Trinidadian filmmaker. From the young age of seven (7) years old, he got his first taste of filmmaking. Using whatever he could find around him, he created movies. Story after story, he was not only able to live and enjoy his life but also the life of his characters. The worlds he created. At the age of twenty-one (21) he wrote his first script in the year 2013 and began production on his first short film, Victim, from which he learned to love not only directing but also the work that goes into creating the scene. Taking words on a page and having a team of capable people take your direction and realize it within the 16:9 screen on the camera. During the pre-production phase, he created the company Ink & Mirrors, a television and film production company based in Trinidad & Tobago. Through this company he will, along with many other creatives in the region, create visually stunning stories to inspire and entertain those who view them.

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Victim (2014)