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Shaun Escayg was born in twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. At age 16, he was given a PA summer job at Mc Cann Erikson. On one of his routine days of fetching coffee and delivering mail he was offered a chance to design the calendar cover of the Royal Bank Of Trinidad and Tobago. An offer he eagerly accepted. The cover was a huge success and confirmed his interest in pursuing art as a career. Later that year Shaun met with one of Carnival’s legends Peter Minshall. He had always been inspired by Minshall’s work and landed an interview with the legendary Mass-man for his school thesis.

At 20, Shaun attended the School of Comunication Arts Of Raliegh NC, USA where he pursued a career in 3D animation. After graduating from the School Of Communication Arts in 1997, he returned home to pursue a career in film and animation. It wasn’t long before he was hired by one of the leading companies in the country Video Associates where he began working on numerous commercials and documentaries.

In the fall of 1999, Shaun partnered up with some of the top local talent and co-founded Blue Bottle Productions Ltd. Blue Bottle Productions would go on to dominate the local commercial, music video and film industry working with top advertising agencies such as Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi, Mc Cann Erickson and award winning directors Hype Williams and Little X. on internationally known artists JayZ and Eric Bennet music videos.

With plans to expand into Latin America, Shaun moved to Venezuela in 2001 and formed Wireframe Entertainment, an animation studio and a small sister company of Blue Bottle Productions. It was here that he focused solely on 3D character animation. Wireframe proved to be a fruitful venture and Shaun worked closely with top advertising agencies such as Bigott and Antares Interactiva. However, in 2005 the political climate of Venezuela led Shaun back to North America, where he landed his first job as an Animator on Walt Disney’s Get Ed TV series at Red Rover Studios Toronto.

Shaun’s main passion was still Visual Effects and in 2006 Shaun joined Spin Productions Toronto as a lead animator. Here he worked on several commercial spots including the M&M, Nissan Versa, Alabama power company campaigns and many more. Shaun also worked on numerous feature films such as Outlander, The Marsh and George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead. It was here that Shaun’s passion grew for creature animation.

A call from Rainmaker Entertainment to work on an upcoming all CG feature led Shaun out west to Vancouver BC. Rainmaker, a much larger company, allowed Shaun to grow not only as a Lead Animator but as an Animation Supervisor. Shaun supervised and led his team on the feature length all CG direct to DVD, “The Nutty professor “Facing the Fear”. The project was such a success that Shaun was given an opportunity to direct his first in game cineractives “50 cent- Blood in the sand” for SwordFish Studios UK and Vivendi Games.

Shaun caught the attention of Blur Studio’s founder Tim Miller and in 2008 Shaun moved to LA to work as an Animation Supervisor at the award winning cinematic studio. Shaun supervised and animated on Cinematics such as Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, Brink , Dc Universe, Transformers and much more. At Blur he also worked on films such as Scott Pilgrim vs the world and The Goon.

In 2010 the Visual Effects industry came knocking once again and Shaun joined Industrial Light & Magic where he worked as an Animator on Michael Bay’s Transformers- Dark of the Moon. Shaun moved back to LA in 2011 to pursue a career as a Director. His debut live-action short film FISH has already won Best Short Film at the Belize International Film Festival and is currently making waves in the festival circuit.

He’s also joined Naughty Dog Studios where he heads up the Cinematics team as the Director of Photography and Animation Supervisor on The Last Of Us.

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Noka: Keeper of Worlds (2014)

Fish (2012)