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“ALTO VISTA,” by Juan Francisco Pardo, an official selection of the 2015 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, is a visceral, heart-stopping short addressing the high suicide rate in a part of Aruba. SYNOPSIS: Souls trapped in a moment, searching for love, satisfaction and forgiveness. Alto Vista is a place that not only unites a family, but also divides them, repeating their past and reflecting their future. Watch Now: About Juan  Juan Francisco Pardo is an Aruban filmmaker. His first film, 10 Ave Maria, won the Jury Prize for Best Short Film atRead More
Premiering at the 2014 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, “FLYING THE COUP,” was a winner of the People’s Choice Award – Short Film.  The film was shot in both Trinidad & Tobago, while Ryan was a student in the UWI Film Program. SYNOPSIS: A young man’s first day as a police officer turns into a disaster as the 1990 attempted coup in Trinidad & Tobago erupts. He reluctantly joins forces with the neighbourhood slacker to escape the gauntlet that is a curfew enforced Port-of-Spain. RYAN LEE Writer/Director Trinidad & Tobago Born into a family of photographyRead More

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The Black Moses

Was L.O Pindling, first black Prime Minister of The Bahamas, one of history’s greatest national Liberators, or was he one of history’s greatest national Drug Dealers? The Black Moses takes a looks at the popular folk ‘moses mythology’ as it was manifested through the life and times of Sir Lynden Pindling. It follows L.O Pindling as he sets on a course to bring about social, political, and economic revolution to the British Bahama Islands. Directed by Travolta Cooper | Documentary Feature| 1 hr 42 mins | 2014 | The Bahamas |Read More
John Ambrose Kenwyn Rawlins was an ordinary man of modest means. He was a great father, grandfather and husband; an obedient public servant. Yet the most vivid part of his life was lived in was a small workshop beneath his house. In there, at the end of his workday, he made things. From simple push toys to elaborate 1/16th scale waterline battle ship models and dockyards, miniature furniture and dolls houses, he painstakingly constructed everything from scratch, sometimes spending upwards of a year on a single model. Smallman is anRead More

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Entre Deux

A man is alone in a wasteland, when a phone in a booth rings … He hesitates, but finally picks up the phone. An unknown woman is talking, mistaking him for someone else … Directed by Nadia Charlery | Narrative Short | 11 mins | 2014 | Martinique | For General Audiences More about NadiaRead More

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Tickle Me Rich

DAYS BEFORE her wedding, a distraught Lizzie reveals to her friends that her fiancé, Stephen, is having an affair with another woman. Her friends rally around her, and help Lizzie plot revenge. Narrative Short | 13 mins | 2012 | Trinidad + Tobago | For General Audiences More about SonjaRead More

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“SHAN,” is a portrait of a young Trinidadian dancer at the Universoul Circus, which tours the USA. This experimental work follows Shan backstage and on stage, moving between darkness and light, as she prepares to pass under the limbo stick, reflecting on her past, present and future. Documentary Short | 7 mins | 2014 | Trinidad + Tobago | For General Audiences More about Maya  Read More

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Elliot Bishop, is  homeless and searching for hope in a world that doesn’t know he exists. He’s given up all he has except for distant memories of happier times. From the coffee shop, to the sidewalk, to the cemetery, the City is Elliot’s stomping ground. There is no navigation system to guide him through hunger and self-doubt, all he can do is continue to sharpen his skills and strengthen his resolve as he prepares for the challenge of his lifetime. “Egress,” is a story of a man forced to evolve from his past to transcendRead More

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Passage tells the story of a young woman and her brother fighting for survival while being smuggled into the US on a fishing vessel. Narrative Short | 18 mins | Bahamas | 2013 | NOT RATED More about Kareem MortimerRead More

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A Hand Full of Dirt

Archie Redman, is a middle-aged man burdened by the weight of an unfulfilled life. He lives on a beautiful island; the kind of place people dream of visiting, but this brings him no comfort. He rises reluctantly each day to face a large, empty house, his wife having left him and his only son away at university. His sole daily destination is the shabby office at his failing hotel, where he is greeted by piles of bills and bank notices. Thousands of miles away, Archie's son, Jay, faces worries ofRead More