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Philo, an expat detective turns to his previous partner Monique for help in solving a current high profile kidnapping case. But where this leads them is to the past, and an old rift between them regarding the disappearance of her brother, which Philo seeks to mend. Narrative Short | 18 mins | Trinidad & Tobago | 2013 | NOT RATED More about Emilie Upczak    Read More

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Bad Influence

Bad Influence is an animated short film by Mental Chung Creative Labs The film tells a tale of a young man (Lance) who is convinced by his friends (Jeff , Grains, Cronic) to assist them in pulling off a Heist. A beautiful plan was orchestrated but none took into consideration the circumstances to arise as a result of their individual desires. Caught in a major dilemma, they have to make a speedy decision on how to maneuver themselves so they have a chance of making an escape. a MENTAL CHUNGRead More

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The tale of a street dog that could. a CHRIS & LEIZELLE GUINNESS film Narrative - Animation | 11 mins | Trinidad & Tobago | 2012 | NOT RATED - Family/Kids Bepperton Entertainment ProductionsChristopher Guinness on VimeoLeizelle Guinness on Vimeo  Read More
Star Boy Cricket Wicket He Knows How To Stick It. Hmm, why fight when you can share? This video is a promotional excerpt from self published author, Tilsa Wright's three part book series, available on Kindle and Amazon. Young budding animator and film director Stephen Williamson is based in Jamaica, and represents Big Bomb Films. We are pleased to feature rising stars like Carla Moore, Garth Williams, Jessica Francis, Jane Macgizmo, P.Nyne, and Exile 'di' Nrave, just to name a few. Stay tuned to this series as we plan toRead More
Wyatt Bardouille’s award-winning film, Dominica: Charting a Future for Paradise, is a story about the nature island of Dominica. It is a story of vision and determination – about how this small Caribbean country overcomes the challenges of nature, limited resources and a stagnant population to sustain itself as an independent nation. The native Kalinago people call Dominica Wai’tu kubuli - meaning ‘tall is her body’, because of the mountainous terrain. The island sits like an emerald jewel in the Caribbean Sea tucked between the French islands of Martinique andRead More

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Hoghole is an award winning film short film made up of composite Super 8 and HD footage shot and based in the island of St. Vincent. The word 'Hoghole' refers to the specific patch of land in St. Vincent where my house stands. My family can no longer live there because of unprecedented crime levels in the island. The subtext of this film, therefore, is a reexamination of what Home means, when it, as an ideal and as a physical space, is lost, or, more accurately, forcibly stolen. It attemptsRead More

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Fish, a gritty urban tale, tells the story of two homeless cousins desperately trying to survive the streets of Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad. Thieves by street credit, they routinely hunt the local market in search of unsuspecting shoppers, but times are getting harder and the pickings slimmer. Will fortune favor the brave? Or will their desperate actions lead to their demise? With its stunning visuals, beautiful cinematography, strong acting, and intense story, Fish is one amazing film. a SHAUN ESCAYG film Narrative | 19 mins | Trinidad & Tobago | 2012 |Read More
Starring Errol Sitahal, Sanjiv Boodhu, Susan Hannays-Abraham, "Doubles" is set in rural Trinidad, and tells the story of Dhani, who struggles to support himself and his mother by selling doubles (Trinidad’s quintessential street food). When his estranged father returns from Canada unexpectedly, Dhani must decide if he will help save his father’s life despite their strained relationship. Doubles with Slight Pepper was written and directed by Ian Harnarine. It was shot in March 2011 at various locations throughout the island of Trinidad. Using an entirely local cast the shoot lastedRead More

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I’ll Be There

Shifting from the past and the present, I'll Be There, tells the story of two brothers dealing with the effects of bullying. Only having each other to depend on, Nathan takes care of his younger brother Anthony while their mother is away in rehab. From what seemed like a one time thing at a park, Anthony falls victim to bullying by two kids from his school, who have it out for him. Nathan tries to comfort and reassure Anthony that he's safe and he'll take care of him. a TEAMRead More
The Other Side of Carnival (2010), is a 45-minute documentary that explores Carnival’s social and economic impact on Trinidad & Tobago. With more than 60 interviews from professors, medical staff, police officers, government officials, students, tourists, every day locals and more, The Other Side of Carnival is able to highlight that while Carnival is an exciting occasion, it is a festival that creates turmoil, which is not widely visible…or is it just simply ignored? Known as “The Greatest Show on Earth,” this documentary captures the roots of Carnival and how farRead More