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The 2016 Island House Film Festival

The Island House Film Festival, will be held this year, from January 12-15.  Films will be screened at the Island House Cinema, one of the more modern, luxury cinema venues in Nassau, Bahamas, and will feature a number of Caribbean Films.  In addition to screening films, there will 3 industry workshops and 2 filmmaker talks.

by Maria Govan
Narrative Feature
Trinidad & Tobago | 2016

Opening Night Film

Set against the backdrop of Trinidad and Tobago’s mystical Carnival, a gifted and struggling young man becomes the object of intrigue for an older, well-meaning businessman until their worlds collide.

by Tyler Johnston + Miquel Galofré
Documentary Feature
Bahamas | 2015

Papa Jah, a humble gardener, has lived in the Bahamas for 40 years. He returns to Haiti to see his 103 years old father and reunite with the land he left.

by Miquel Galofré
Documentary Feature
Trinidad & Tobago | 2014

Art Connect is a feature length documentary that reveals the powerful process of creative intervention in the Success Laventille Secondary School in Trinidad and Tobago.
The film documents the profound impact which creativity has on a group of 7 ‘at risk’ students, aged between 13-17, whom all come from communities that is considered the most marred by violence in Trinidad and Tobago.

by Lisa Harewood
Narrative Short
Barbados | 2013

AUNTIE is a middle-aged seamstress and respected caregiver in her rural Barbadian community. Raising children whose parents are unwilling or unable, Auntie instills discipline, traditional values and a strong moral code. Twelve-year-old KERA is her latest ward and a special child to whom she has grown uncharacteristically close.

by Chris and Leizelle Guinness
Narrative Short
Trinidad & Tobago | 2013

Six year old “Thin Foot” strives to become the hero of his own life.

by Nile Saulter
Narrative Short
Jamaica | 2013

When Patasha is called upon to make a routine delivery to a young tourist couple, she encounters a situation that will test her morality. The young spear-fisherman Samson also wants to make a transaction, but this one is of a more sinister nature. Coast is an examination of choices, and how ugly or stunningly beautiful this island can truly be.

by Kareem Mortimer
Narrative Short
Bahamas | 2013

Passage tells the story of a young woman and her brother fighting for survival while being smuggled into the US on a fishing vessel.

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